Allison Adaptive Learn Information (LML specific)

-Anytime a change has been made inside the transmission the TCM needs to be re-learned for it to adjust for clutch clearances and pressures properly. If the clutch pack clearances or the hydraulic pressures have not changed there is no need to perform any type of re-learn.

-When the engine tuning is changed the TCM will notice an increase in the actual torque that is being pushed through the transmission. In stock form, the LML Allison will drop line pressure when it sees the torque increase. This drop in line pressure can be catastrophic to a stock transmission. AITP TCM tuning does not increase line pressure in the tuning. We recommend the install of the EPC Fooler for any tune above 100hp to maintain line pressure. This will increase the holding power of clutch packs inside the transmission. There are no transmission temperature increases associated with running the EPC Fooler.

-The LML Allison needs additional time to adapt to the increased torque since the ECM does not pull fuel (defuel) during shifts. This is why it is critical to allow the TCM to learn before asking too much of it. We suggest that the customer start on 100hp or less to get the transmission to do the initial learn. If a customer is intending to run the Low Boost Fueling (LBF) tuning, which has a much steeper torque curve, they will need to ensure that the Allison has learned to shift really well on the strongest non-LBF tune before making the switch to the LBF tune. Going from a completely stock tune to an LBF tune will always be asking far too much of an Allison that has not learned.

-If there have been changes made inside the transmission that require you to reset TAPS and perform a fast learn, you will need a good scan tool or the dealer scan tools. Without following this procedure and other points outlined herein, you will have a truck with a transmission that stands no chance of learning or lasting with any additional power.

Adaptive Learn Procedure

-If TAPS reset is required, please perform reset first before beginning re-learn procedure.

-Once the truck is ready to be driven, we recommend loading a small (50-100 hp) tune and driving with a steady throttle position. Allow the transmission to perform many upshifts and closed-throttle downshifts until the shifts are quick and smooth. Since the LML does not defuel during shifts, you will notice the engine RPM flare while it is performing a gear change. This is normal and will lessen as the transmission learns to complete the shifts faster. You will know that the TCM has completely learned shifting at a certain power output when it performs the shifts crisp and quick without any flare of the engine RPM.

-The transmission will learn normal mode and Tow/Haul mode separately. Once you have performed the entire learning process in normal mode, you will need to repeat the entire process with the truck in Tow/Haul mode to complete the learn.

*The Allison tends to run hot when overfilled, make sure to never overfill the Allison transmission. The space between the fluid in the pan and the valve body of the transmission is required for cooling.